Chaya Yoga Retreats


Is there something in life you would like to change? Do you feel things could somehow be different, you could feel more ‘you’, more fulfilled perhaps? Maybe you’re a little stuck? Or maybe you’re a lot stuck. 

Nothing in life is permanent, we as human beings are in a constant state of flux. Understanding how to deal with our internal and external changes, is one of life’s greatest and potentially beautiful challenges. Coaching can help you navigate this journey. Holistic Coaching draws from yogic philosophy as well as naturopathic healing techniques and integrative therapies. It is a coaching approach that recognises that our mind, body and emotions are all connected. That no one thing occurs in any of these parts of ourselves in isolation. And no one action is without consequence for all parts of who we are.

Therefore, if your body is unhappy, due to poor diet for example, or chronic illness, it’s incredibly difficult to maintain emotional or mental wellbeing. Similarly, if you are experiencing mental stress and anxiety, the effects on your body will be apparent and may manifest in dis-ease. And if you are emotionally under-nourished, or maybe you have long-term suppressed feelings you can’t process, this can create both mental health issues as well as physical ailments

Holistic coaching gently addresses all these aspects. And utilises tools that work with each part of you – whether it be mindfulness techniques to help deal with stress, or yogic postures to open and heal the body, or a new approach to your diet that will help deal with physical illness. Or, perhaps everything at the same time.

Every single one of us has different needs and works in different ways. Holistic Coaching is tailored for you - to meet you exactly where you are, to help guide you to where you want be.And to re-connect with who you truly are.

Chaya Founder Lucy Hill has worked with healing practices and wellbeing for 10 years, through practicing Reiki, teaching yoga and wellbeing food, running retreats and 1-2-1 coaching. Her highest intention is to share her understanding of healing techniques, through nutrition, yogic and wellbeing practices; to enable you to create shifts in any aspect of your life that you wish to change. To facilitate the letting go of anything not serving you, to make way for your highest sense of wellbeing, in body, heart and mind.

Sessions are available on all retreats, in person when geographically suitable and over Skype.

Contact Lucy at or 0044 7866 368798 for more information and to see how coaching can help you.