Chaya Yoga Retreats


“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” - Hippocrates

We at Chaya take this sentiment very much to our hearts. And we LOVE food! As an essential daily ritual, we believe eating should not only be a healing practice, but also a celebration of life; using beautiful ingredients prepared with care, consideration and of course, love.

Everything you eat has a direct effect on your sense of well being; you are very much, what you eat. On our retreats, we aim to create the perfect platform to support your complete replenishment and rejuvenation, by providing you with organic, locally sourced, naturally high-in-energy and perfectly balanced meals. Having been lucky enough to travel the world and experience many different approaches to healthy eating, the menus at each of our retreats will be inspired by this. With a focus on 'raw', but also integrating aspects of a variety of diets, such as ayurvedic, mediterranean and asian, we promise to create exciting meals which taste divine and offer your body the best possible nourishment.

During each retreat, you will have the opportunity to take part in an optional 'wellbeing food' workshop with Lucy. Meaning you will leave the retreat inspired and informed to assist you in bringing your retreat experience in to your daily life. Lucy combines her life-long love of healthy, tasty food with knowledge gained through her studies of naturopathic nutrition alongside her raw food training with Kate Magic. Working from the belief that every-body is different and that we all have individual needs and constitutions, Lucy teaches her simple principles of how to eat for your best sense of happiness and wellbeing. With a passion for chocolate and sweet treats, Lucy believes you really can have your cake and eat it; delicious, indulgent and exciting food which also nourishes on every level. 

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