Chaya Yoga Retreats

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With The Indytute at The Islington Townhouse | 13 Liverpool Road, London, N1 0RW

Come and learn how to make the chocolate of the future. Cacao really is a true superfood, being one of the most antioxidant and nutrient-dense foods on the planet. Most commercially made chocolate goes through at least 3 heating processes - destroying many of cacao's natural properties. You can easily make your very own raw, refined sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, utterly delicious, healthy chocolate. AND access one of the richest sources of nutrients known to man. Talk about having your choc and eating it.

This workshop covers A LOT of chocolate! Why raw? | raw chocolate basics | natural sweeteners | superfoods | salted date caramel | And lots of tasting!

You’ll take home your beautifully packaged handmade selection of raw chocs, menu card and recipe instructions. Plus, you’ll also have the opportunity to buy a starter pack of raw chocolate ingredients so you can get cracking straight away.

COST| £60 pp

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