Chaya Yoga Retreats


'Yoga' - derived from Sanskrit, meaning 'unity'. 

An ancient Indian spiritual practice which, amongst many things, has been described as 'the science and the art of perfect health' - uniting the body, mind and spirit.

As long-term aspiring yoginis and teachers, we at Chaya have each felt the profound and positive influence yoga has had on our lives. Whether approaching yoga as a remedy for stress, to tone muscles or just out of plain curiosity, its wide-reaching benefits can be truly astounding. 'Asanas', or yogic postures, play only one part in the many aspects of yoga. During our retreats, we will mainly focus on these physical aspects, but also offer you the opportunity to learn a little, or deepen your existing understanding of some of the other areas within yoga tradition. These areas include:

Proper Breathing - How to breathe to your full and natural capacity, how to use the breath as a relaxation and meditation tool

Proper Relaxation - Techniques to encourage total relaxation, of the mind, body and spirit

Proper Diet - Advice on ways of eating to increase your overall well-being

Positive Thinking and Meditation - Visualisations and guided meditations to deepen your rejuvenation

'Yoga Nidra' (also know as yogi-sleep) is also taught on every retreat. Known as one of the deepest of all meditations, Yoga-nidra promotes a state of conscious deep sleep for extreme relaxation and subtler spiritual exploration. It is said to promote the workings of all body systems and has been found to significantly reduce tension and anxiety; 1 hour of Yoga Nidra can create rest equivalent to 4 hours of regular sleep.