Chaya Yoga Retreats


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"Following on from receiving a superbly insightful and healing one-to-one holistic life-coaching session with Lucy on her Chaya retreat in France last year, I have continued regular sessions with her and have found the support, gentle guidance and insightful encouragement that she offers to be hugely beneficial. I have made some big career and personal life changes over the past year, and they have been done with a greater sense of clarity, purpose and ease. It's easier to leap into positive (but potentially scary!) life changes when you have a coach and mentor to cheerlead and guide you on. I've also been back to experience another amazing Chaya retreat in Ibiza this year - the beautiful and expansive space that Lucy creates in both her retreats and in her one-to-one sessions is something that has helped me transform my life, from the inside out. I can't recommend Lucy highly enough!" Maria Quinlan 2018

Do you feel 'something' could be different, that there's maybe more to life? Like you could feel more ‘you’? Maybe you're at a crossroads; the end of a relationship, or you've moved jobs, or to a new location. Or you're just feeling a bit stuck?

We humans are in a constant state of flux. Understanding how to process our internal and external changes, offers some of life’s greatest and most beautiful challenges. It's Lucy's belief that every life experience encountered, can be used as a navigational tool. As a kind of compass directive, to align us with our reason for being. And to help us let go of anything preventing us becoming truly fulfilled. Coaching can support you on this journey of re-alignmen.

Intuitive Holistic Coaching with Chaya's Founder Lucy Hill, draws from her many years of personal and interpersonal work with various healing practices and therapies. Her highest intention is to enable you to create shifts in any aspect of your life that you wish. To facilitate the letting go of anything not serving you, to make way for your greatest sense of connection. And in turn, to find freedom and joy, in body, heart and mind.

The sessions are held over Skype and combine elements of meditation, listening, enquiry and dialogue within a safe, nurturing space. Coaching sessions are tailored to you - to meet you exactly where you're at, to help guide you to where you want be. Ongoing sessions are designed to further support your journey, as you move through the unfolding processes... Towards greater life fulfilment.

1.5hr introductory session = £90
Block book 6 x 1.5 hr sessions = £444 (usually £540)
Sessions are available on all retreats, in person when geographically suitable and over Skype.

Contact Lucy at or 0044 7866 368798 for more information and to see how coaching can help you.