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IBIZA | 11th-18th May 2019

Join the Chaya Family in a week dedicated to clarity and connection, for the most vibrant, beautiful you, inside and out.

By working on all levels of body-mind-spirit, we will create a space for you to release anything no longer serving you… Allowing for your highest clarity, lightest vibration and clearest connection to self. Our special cleanse team along with nutritionist and yoga teacher Micki Ramondt, will gently support your complete clearing and some serious wellbeing upgrading.

Using all organic high-vibration ingredients, yogic asana and cleansing techniques, naturopathic healing therapies, sound healing, shamanic rituals and other tools; this part juice fast retreat, will support your body in total rejuvenation, in the most natural and gentle way possible.

Ibiza's tangible magic and stunning beauty offers the perfect location for our retreat.
The retreat will take place in two beautiful adjacent villas,  set amongst shady pines and olive trees, in 'the campo', yet nearby to the vibrant and pretty town of Santa Gertrudis.

Within the villa's grounds, you’ll find an abundance of space, including landscaped gardens and woods to meditate amongst, two pools to cool off in the Ibizan sunshine and multiple terraces, all set in the peaceful Ibenican countryside. Alongside indoor and outdoor yoga shalas and ceremonial spaces, you’ll find large family style kitchens, therapy rooms, shady lounges and gorgeous communal eating spaces.

One of our villas, ‘Es Joncaret’ was once  the home of Ra Uhuru, the founder of The Human Design System. Under the sacred fig tree in the Sanctuary's garden, he channelled some very special information which led to the development of this insightful system, which can be used as a manual for each person's unique design. Ra lived here at the property for 10 years and he planted and cared for much of the garden and built the bungalows. His very special and unique presence is felt all over the property and the garden. Many people feel it immediately as they arrive, others just feel it in a sense of 'not wanting to leave'.

When Micki took her first yoga class in early 2006 in Philadelphia PA USA, it was love at first asana. Initially it was the physical challenge of it, soon she began to notice how it calmed her mind and opened her heart. Since than she has devoted herself to the practice of yoga. And in 2008, she completed her first teacher training. In 2011 she packed up her world and moved it to London UK to begin again, a humbling experience. All of which is not forgotten but instead shared. Her teaching style fuses her life experiences with a creative and dynamic practice and a spot-on spiritual dimension. It is challenging as it is compassionate. You are left feeling energised and inspired.

Check out Micki's website and Instagram here: 
Playfulotus Web

Lucy in the Chaya Kitchen

Lucy in the Chaya Kitchen

Our week long cleanse will incorporate aspects of naturopathic nutritional healing, yogic kriyas, deeply rejuvenating yin and restorative asana, energetic and shamanic cleansing rituals and a whole lot more. All the elements of the retreat will be carefully designed to raise your vibration to the highest available levels, leaving you clear, shining and inspired.

Our approach to cleansing is truly holistic and nurturing. We will slowly work towards a two day juice fast in the middle of the week’s schedule, by beginning the retreat with Chaya Kitchen menus, meaning delicious, pure plant-based, organic, alkaline-forming and hydrating meals. By eliminating sugar, dairy, caffeine, gluten and eventually cooked food, we will gently prepare our bodies for a two day period of organic juicing only.

Following the two day juice fast, we will begin to integrate solid food and break the fast gently, ensuring you leave the retreat grounded, vibrant and ready to take on your world!

Days 1 - 3 Twice daily organic, healing meals, energised waters and juices

Days 3 - 5 Pure juice fasting, 4 juices per day

Days 5 - 7 Breaking the fast, integrating solid food and celebration feast!


During retreat, we will offer you the opportunity to work with additional deeply cleansing naturopathic techniques, such as castor oil packing, hydrotherapy and enemas. Our experienced team will work with you to support these beautiful healing therapies, should you wish to try them.

As one of the most addictive and distracting elements of modern life, many of us suffer from stress related to the overwhelming amount of information available online and constant social media engagement. To support the cleanse process, we invite you to disconnect from digital devices and the internet during this retreat. And in the space created we encourage you to re-connect to yourself, to nature and to our beautiful Chaya Family!

Using the bountiful abundance of local fruit and vegetables Ibiza has to offer, Chaya Kitchen will prepare delicious, gourmet 50% raw, plant-based meals. Full of tasty super foods, designed to cleanse and lighten you mentally and physically, whilst energising and brightening you from the inside out.
Homemade nut and seed mylks, superfood smoothies and organic juices are a standard on all Chaya retreats. Being super-foodie's at heart, we ensure there's absolutely never any compromise on any aspect of the eating experience. We look forward to surprising and delighting you in just how good truly healthy food can taste and feel. We believe cleansing can be delicious and fun!

Lucy and Micki host a 2-hour workshop during the week covering the art of cleansing and wellbeing food. The workshop will discuss what your body needs on a cellular level and how to support the body to thrive not just survive. We’ll look at simple and effective ways to upgrade the way you eat for better health; with a focus on how to live a high vibration life, incorporating cleansing on a regular bases. All meaning you feel inspired and in the know, about how to feel amazing through the way you support your body with food and practices.

Micki Ramondt is a Nutrition Therapist from The College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM), one of the UK’s largest, highly-respected, and well-known naturopathic training providers. As well as a Registered Yoga Teacher in Vinyasa, Yin and Pre-natal yoga. With a background in graphic design, found sculpture, haiku poetry, healthy cooking, smiling, hugging and loving. She is trying to spread the word of good health and happiness that doesn’t have to come at the cost of obsession. Be real and be happy. ‘Let me help you help yourself.’

Chaya resident masseuse and healer, Judit Yague is a very special addition to any retreat. Spanish born Judit has been practicing the healing arts for nearly 20 years. Drawing from her many trainings across massage therapy, holistic practices and yoga teacher trainings, her uniquely intuitive practice is profound.

To further support your relaxation, rest and cleanse, a one hour treatment or consultation with Judit or Micki is included in the price of the retreat.

We are so excited to welcome Nicola Price back on retreat in Ibiza. Nicola will be hosting a group workshop sharing the profound benefits of 'Inspirational Breathing'. This simple but life-changing practice can enable the letting go of deeply suppressed emotions, making way to access a sense of peace and relaxation... All by by connecting to their body on a cellular level by engaging with their own 'inspirational breath'. Nicola has been working with the breath for many years and is now training others in the practice from her studio and school near Brighton. And 70% of toxins are expelled by the breath so this work is perfectly aligned!

Much loved therapist Daisy Ellison will be sharing her range of beautiful therapies on retreat. Her healing hands practice a number of therapies, including abdominal massage, full body massage, reiki, reflexology and kinesiology. Daisy is also a trained Inspirational Breath worker.


  • Twice daily, yoga asana classes, meditation and pranayama led by Micki

  • Delicious, organic superfood fuelled menus and juices, snacks and water

  • Onsite professional guidance and support during the cleanse process

  • A 1-2-1 nutritional consultation with Micki, or a healing massage with Judit Yague

  • Pre and post preparation and integration group video calls

  • An Inspirational Breathing workshop with founder, Nicola Price

  • A wellbeing food and cleanse workshop with Micki and Lucy

  • Guided meditation and healing sound bath

  • Additional therapies with Daisy Ellison

  • Optional naturopathic healing techniques and therapies

07:30 - 08:00 Herbal teas, cold pressed juice
08:00 - 10:00 Dynamic flow and meditation (2hrs)
10:00 - 11:00 Buffet brunch / juice
11:00 - 16:00 Treatments, free time, activities
16:00 - 17:30 Slow flow, meditative asana class (90 mins)
19:00 - 20:30 Dinner
20:45 - 21:30 Evening activity, yoga nidra / guided meditation (1 during the week)

Our check in is at 5:00pm. If you choose a flight arriving earlier in the day, we have a lovely suggestion for you. Get straight in to the relaxation zone by spending the day at spa hotel 'Atzaro'. You can hang by the pool, use their spa facilities including hammam, book gorgeous treatments and try their beautiful menu. They'll also organise a transfer to our retreat for you.


Solo suite with ensuite | £1991
Twin suite sharing ensuite | £1771
Solo room sharing bathroom | £1771
Twin room sharing bathroom| £1661

*not including flights and transfers

Please note, we have many solo retreaters and we happily pair up our guests... It always works out beautifully. So please don't worry if you want to come alone. To book a place on this retreat or for any further details, please contact below, or click the link to enquire direct.