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14th - 21st SEPTEMBER 2019

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for for the vulva, vagina and womb, and means ‘divine sacred portal’, or ‘sacred temple’. We invite you to ask yourself, ‘do you treat your Yoni with reverence? Do you rejoice in your sexual nature with freedom and joy? Or have you subdued and suppressed your wildness and rawness to please others?… Have you dulled your voice down?

This very special solstice-aligned retreat, offers an opportunity to immerse yourself in transformational ritual, beautiful yoga, pleasure teachings and other tools which will allow you to tune in and find transformation by connecting to your Yoni. This retreat will guide you to reveal your highest potential for creativity, flow and vibrancy.

Do you dare invite your pleasure back? Do you choose to reclaim your life force?
It is time. Return to your true nature. Reclaim your ecstatic sovereignty as a woman.


A passionate advocate for sexual healing, body awareness, and empowering women to re-discover pleasure, Grace has taken the 10 years she experienced chronic Vulvodynia, and used it transform her life into an empowered feminine embodied movement. She guides women around the globe to eradicate all shame, guilt and pain they feel around their sexuality, and holds space for honest and real ‘Yoni’ centric conversations to occur.

6 years ago, Grace decided to throw away all the numbing medications and creams hospital specialists had prescribed her to treat a condition called ‘Vulvodynia’ and decided that she would heal herself. Since then she has delved into tantra, meditation, yoga, and shamanic healing ceremonies such as Ayahuasca and Peyote, and found that the greatest medicine above all is to listen deeply to your body, and use its wisdom to understand, heal and eradicate issues that are being experienced, rather than covering them up with pharmaceuticals.

Through doing this, she unravelled a world of understanding about the female body. What she realised during this process is that there is an epidemic of women experiencing similar issues such as painful sex, pussy numbness, low libido, inability to orgasm, body shame, intimacy blocks, and unfulfilling sex life, however nobody seemed to be talking about it.  Now she writes, teaches and speaks about how others can reclaim their Yoni and pleasure in order to find mind blowing intimacy with their own bodies, which translates to epic sex with their lovers, enhanced creative power, and way more fulfilling and truth-led lives.

Grace curates a podcast called ‘Conversations with Pussy’ where women speak openly and rawly about their own real experiences. She leads workshops all over the world which guide women to begin conversations with their Pussy, and she works 1-1 with women to assist to transform and empower not only their sex life, but their entire life.

Grace’s mission is to bring forth a pleasure positive message to a much greater audience, unravel the taboo subjects that women have suppressed through fear of judgement, and create a healthy open space to talk about femininity, sexuality and what it is to be a woman."


During the week, Grace will host a number of workshops and rituals. Using various tools including ceremonial cacao, meditation, sound and energetic healing practices along with shamanic ritual. We will create a sacred, safe space to share, connect and transform. In these workshops and rituals you will be fully clothed. Any practical techniques taught about pleasure are for you to soak up for your own personal practice, you will not be expected to use these during the retreat.

An invitation to connect to your yoni’s deepest wisdom, in a heart opening ritual supported by cacao and sound. Here you will be safely guided to move through any charge and shame you may feel around the authentic expression of your sensual and sexual nature as a woman. We welcome you to return home to yourself and your truth.

When a woman tunes into her pleasure, she is a force to be reckoned with. You are invited to step out of what you know, and bring forth a new experience of magic through your feminine power source, your Yoni. In this ritual you will be safely guided to learn about your deep potential for pleasure, you will discover delicious ways to relate with your Yoni, and find freedom owning your sex in every aspect of your life.

Clearing and letting go of past lovers and partners is an essential practice for those becoming attuned to their yoni. In this ritual we will gather to reclaim our power back, releasing anyone who does not serve our highest and best good. This will allow you, your heart and your yoni to return to back to a state of clarity and balance.

Sexual Energy translates to life force energy. When a woman turns on her life force, she magnifies and enhances her potency to manifest and create what she desires to call into her life. Using the understandings and clarity built through the retreat, we will close by holding a ritual which will allow you to come back into your life at home inspired and ignited in your fullest power.


Using the bountiful abundance of local fruit and vegetables Ibiza has to offer, Chaya Kitchen will prepare delicious, organic, gourmet plant-based meals. Full of tasty super foods, designed to nourish you mentally and physically, whilst energising and brightening you from the inside out. Homemade nut and seed mylks, superfood smoothies and organic juices are a standard on all Chaya retreats. Being super-foodie's at heart, we ensure there's absolutely never any compromise on any aspect of the eating experience. We look forward to surprising and delighting you in just how good truly healthy food can taste and feel.


Chaya resident masseuse and healer, Judit Yague is a very special addition to any retreat. Spanish born Judit has been practicing the healing arts for nearly 20 years. Drawing from her many trainings across massage therapy, holistic practices and yoga teacher trainings, her uniquely intuitive practice is profound.

To further support your retreat, a one hour treatment with Judit is included in the price of the retreat.

Ibiza's tangible magic and stunning beauty offers the perfect location for our retreat.
The retreat will take place in two beautiful adjacent villas,  set amongst shady pines and olive trees, in 'the campo', yet nearby to the vibrant and pretty town of Santa Gertrudis.

Within the villa's grounds, you’ll find an abundance of space, including landscaped gardens and woods to meditate amongst, two pools to cool off in the Ibizan sunshine and multiple terraces, all set in the peaceful Ibenican countryside. Alongside indoor and outdoor yoga shalas and ceremonial spaces, you’ll find large family style kitchens, therapy rooms, shady lounges and gorgeous communal eating spaces.

One of our villas, ‘Es Joncaret’ was once  the home of Ra Uhuru, the founder of The Human Design System. Under the sacred fig tree in the Sanctuary's garden, he channelled some very special information which led to the development of this insightful system, which can be used as a manual for each person's unique design. Ra lived here at the property for 10 years and he planted and cared for much of the garden and built the bungalows. His very special and unique presence is felt all over the property and the garden. Many people feel it immediately as they arrive, others just feel it in a sense of 'not wanting to leave'.


Leanna teaches a very personal and unique style of flowing yoga. It’s strong yet sensitive, uplifting yet relaxing, energising yet harmonising. A complete body and mind workout.
“I love to blend the pure-precision of Hatha, the dynamic-rhythm of Vinyasa and fluid-freedom of Scaravelli”
This approach is interwoven with her personal training background and a strong knowledge of yoga anatomy; along with her passion for music and nutrition, all which helps form the foundations for a completely holistic approach to yoga.
Drawing on nearly 20 years worth of experience, Leanna is continuously learning with her inspirational mentors. Currently working closely with the profoundly inspiring John Stirk (author of The Original Body and body-mind yoga teacher), her Scaravelli teacher Catherine Annis and Gary Carter (Myofascial movement). Leanna shapes her classes to be playful, accessible and creative, with mindful and bold intentions. Cultivating a deeper connection to body, mind and heart.
During our retreat, Leanna will lead a daily yoga asana classes each morning. Leanna will also integrate pranayama breathing exercises and meditation.


  • Rituals, workshops and practices led by Grace Hazel, Lucy Hill & Team

  • Daily 2 hour yoga asana class, meditation and pranayama led by Leanna

  • Beautiful accommodation in our two private villas

  • Full board, with delicious, local, seasonal plantbased menus

  • A 1 hour healing massage with Judit Yague

  • Preparation and integration group video call

07:30 - 08:00 Herbal teas and fruit
08:00 - 10:00 Yoga and meditation
10:00 - 11:00 Buffet multi course brunch
11:00 - 16:00 Treatments, free time, activities
15:30 - Afternoon tea
16:30 - 18:30 Workshop or meditation, alternating with evening rituals
19:00 - 20:30 Dinner
20:45 - 21:30 Evening workshop or practice (3 during week)

Our check in is at 5:00pm. If you choose a flight arriving earlier in the day, we have a lovely suggestion for you. Get straight in to the relaxation zone by spending the day at spa hotel 'Atzaro'. You can hang by the pool, use their spa facilities including hammam, book gorgeous treatments and try their beautiful menu. They'll also organise a transfer to our retreat for you.


Solo suite with ensuite | £1991
Twin suite sharing ensuite | £1771
Solo room sharing bathroom | £1771
Twin room sharing bathroom| £1661

*not including flights and transfers

Please note, we have many solo retreaters and we happily pair up our guests... It always works out beautifully. So please don't worry if you want to come alone. To book a place on this retreat or for any further details, please contact below, or click the link to enquire direct.