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A beautiful 7 day exploration in to the inner self for total alignment. Connecting you to your truth. To your innate wisdom. To your authentic desires. To your supreme divinity.

Empowering you to peacefully expand in to the world from a place of still, pure consciousness. And in turn to experience the life you desire.

During the time of seasonal change from summer to Autumn, we enter a natural period of reflection and introspection. This powerful and important time offers deep integration space and provides us with an opportunity for greater wisdom and clarity.

By creating stillness, in our inner and outer realms, we can gain insight in to where we may be misaligned and from here, we can easefully bring ourselves back in to a harmonious place of balance.  

Ibiza's tangible magic and stunning beauty offers the perfect location for our retreat.
The retreat will take place in two beautiful adjacent villas,  set amongst shady pines and olive trees, in 'the campo', yet nearby to the vibrant and pretty town of Santa Gertrudis.

Within the villa's grounds, you’ll find an abundance of space, including landscaped gardens and woods to meditate amongst, two pools to cool off in the Ibizan sunshine and multiple terraces, all set in the peaceful Ibenican countryside. Alongside indoor and outdoor yoga shalas and ceremonial spaces, you’ll find large family style kitchens, therapy rooms, shady lounges and gorgeous communal eating spaces.

One of our villas, ‘Es Joncaret’ was once  the home of Ra Uhuru, the founder of The Human Design System. Under the sacred fig tree in the Sanctuary's garden, he channelled some very special information which led to the development of this insightful system, which can be used as a manual for each person's unique design. Ra lived here at the property for 10 years and he planted and cared for much of the garden and built the bungalows. His very special and unique presence is felt all over the property and the garden. Many people feel it immediately as they arrive, others just feel it in a sense of 'not wanting to leave'.

I have been practicing and teaching yoga for 20 years. My first taste of yoga was on the cliff tops of Vakala in Kerala, India.

I had a wonderfully inspiring teacher whose classes I attended in a tent on the edge of the cliff religiously at 6am every morning! When I returned to London I discovered the wonderful oasis of what was once The Innergy Yoga Center run by Faustomaria. It was here I studied with Fausto in Hatha Yoga and developed a greater understanding of Raja Yoga (Yoga of the Mind) and found my passion and voice in Bhakti Yoga (Chanting).

Professionally I am classified as a Hatha Yoga Teacher having trained with the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre in Canada and gone onto train extensively in the US and India. But over the last 15 years my teaching and life journey has organically grown into something so much more deeper, widely expansive and intelligent. 

Through my dedicated self practice, the softness and grace of Scaravelli Inspired Yoga, dance, mindful movement, cranio sacral work, therapeutic yoga, yin yoga and the knowledge and experience i have gained from my teachers John Stirk, Tias Little and Gary Carter…my teaching journey has unfolded into a deeper, inner and more mediative exploration of body, mind and heart.  

Working from the inside out, moving away from rigid external postures and movement and allowing the body to unfold organically without force has allowed me to gain a deeper insight in how to heal mind, body and soul. I have developed a fluid and gently powerful style with special attention placed on the breath allowing for growth in ones own internal awareness and awakening the spine, creating flowing wave like movements and natural rhythms as well as focus on alignment and ‘letting go’ to help soften and heal the body from the inside out.

I put my sensitive and nurturing disposition as a teacher down to a strong one-to-one approach. My teaching philosophy is – ‘adapt yoga to the individual rather than the individual to yoga’. This enables students to explore postures in greater depth and work on individual areas of resistance, alignment and practice. I place a strong emphasis on right and skillful action during postures. My philosophy and teachings are inspired by the spirit and practice of moving into stillness, to experience your true being.

I aim to provide a safe and nurturing environment, allowing my students to develop their own understanding of yoga and to facilitate positive change and transformation. I believe one of yoga’s greatest gifts is to work and heal from the inside, helping our minds to become more calm and opening our hearts to compassion and a positive attitude. As in all physical yoga, the student will increase strength and flexibility and by uniting body and breath, will learn to move from moment to moment with absolute awareness.


The practice of Scaravelli Inspired Yoga uses the earth’s energy to release the weight of the body towards gravity, which creates elongation and space along the spine and an effortless breath. It’s a deeply nurturing and grounding practice and very primal, allowing you to get in contact with the creature inside yourself without imposing other layers.

It focuses on peeling back the layers and unfolding the body from the inside without force. As you learn to move from the natural flow of the breath and surrender to gravity, it creates a wave like movement in the spine. From the wave, your practice can unfold into beautiful rhythmical spirals and formations … its spontaneous and the breath and spine dance together.

It’s profoundly healing in working with areas of resistance, tension, injury and deep emotional blockages. Its NOT a passive practice, small micro movements or larger wave like movements are taking place inside the body all the time. Your unfolding, unravelling and unwinding the body…allowing it to go where it wants to go without force or pushing or pulling.

Movement that is born out of the breath has beauty, grace and softness. You are working from the inside out and moving with total awareness through listening and attentiveness … this helps to focus the mind. It’s a meditative practice. There is also a lot of focus on the feet and coming up from the ground into the feet … the legs … the pelvis … to set the spine free. This way of working can be strong but deeply grounding.

You can link into my Scaravelli Inspired Yoga Promo shot in India -

Lovely Lara

Lovely Lara

Using the bountiful abundance of local fruit and vegetables Ibiza has to offer, Chaya Kitchen will prepare delicious, organic, plant-based meals. Full of tasty super foods, designed to cleanse and lighten you mentally and physically, whilst energising and brightening you from the inside out. Homemade nut and seed mylks, superfood smoothies and a organic juices are a standard on all Chaya retreats. Being super-foodie's at heart, we ensure there's absolutely never any compromise on any aspect of the eating experience. We look forward to surprising and delighting you in just how good truly healthy food can taste and feel. We believe cleansing could be delicious and fun?

Lucy will host a 2-hour workshop during the week covering the art of living well. The workshop will discuss what your body needs on a cellular level and how to support the body to thrive not just survive. We’ll look at simple and effective ways to upgrade the way you eat for better health; with a focus on how to live a high vibration life, incorporating cleansing on a regular bases. All meaning you feel inspired and in the know, about how to feel amazing through the way you support your body with food and practices.

Chaya resident masseuse and healer, Judit Yague is a very special addition to any retreat. Spanish born Judit has been practicing the healing arts for nearly 20 years. Drawing from her many trainings across massage therapy, holistic practices and yoga teacher trainings, her uniquely intuitive practice is profound.


  • Twice daily, yoga, meditation and pranayama led by Lara Stapleton

  • Delicious, organic menus and juices, snacks and water by Chaya Kitchen

  • A guided walk around the island discovering secret spots with Walking Ibiza

  • A 1 hr healing massage with Judit Yague

  • Cleansing and intention setting rituals

  • A 2hr wellbeing for life workshop with Lucy Hill

  • Guided meditation and healing sound bath

  • A wide range of word-class additional therapies and treatments

07:30 - 08:00 Herbal teas, cold pressed juice
08:00 - 10:00 Flow asana and meditation (2hrs)
10:00 - 11:00 Buffet brunch / juice
11:00 - 16:00 Treatments, free time, activities
16:00 - 17:30 Meditative asana class (90 mins)
19:00 - 20:30 Dinner
20:45 - 21:30 Evening activity, yoga nidra / guided meditation (1 during the week)

Our check in is at 5:00pm. If you choose a flight arriving earlier in the day, we have a lovely suggestion for you. Get straight in to the relaxation zone by spending the day at spa hotel 'Atzaro'. You can hang by the pool, use their spa facilities including hammam, book gorgeous treatments and try their beautiful menu. They'll also organise a transfer to our retreat for you.


Solo suite with ensuite | £1771

Solo room sharing bathroom | £1551

Twin sharing suite with ensuite | £1441

Triple sharing suite bathroom | £1331

Please note, we have many solo retreaters and we happily pair up our guests... It always works out beautifully. So please don't worry if you want to come alone. To book a place on this retreat or for any further details, please contact below, or click the link to enquire direct.