Chaya Yoga Retreats


’Chaya' meaning in Sanskrit 'beauty’, ’lustre' and ’protection’. In Hebrew, Chaya means 'life’, or to 'live'. 
We feel that this perfectly describes what we hope to create through our retreats. 
The possibility of seeing and feeling the beauty of life anew.

Drawing from over 10 years of wellbeing, nutritional and professional event experience, since we began in 2012 we've created over 50 bespoke retreats worldwide. In destinations such as dreamy and exotic Bali, stately homes in the English countryside and stargazing tipis in the Andalusian hills, we pride ourselves in our devotion to creating the perfect retreat for you.

And no matter where in the world we take our guests, each of our breaks is designed to inspire, delight, heal and support. By combining incredible locations, world-class yoga, gourmet plant-based menus, inspiring workshops and healing treatments - with our dedication to create beautiful, healing spaces for your journey… Our retreats are truly unique, just like you.

Chaya Yoga Retreats. Rest for your mind. Love for your body. Pure joy for your heart.


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“Lucy herself has the ability to bring together the perfect team of helpers and healers who are all exceptional in their personal practices. My life has changed for the better after these retreats and I am forever grateful to Lucy and everyone involved in the Chaya family for helping me heal my heart and spread my wings.” Deborah Whiles

"Chaya retreats combine mental, physical, energetic, and spiritual work in a way that supports deep shifts in personal growth and holistic wellbeing. The mixture of upbeat vinyasa classes in the morning with relaxing restorative sessions in the evening means you can boost your strength and fitness while also helping to balance moods and circadian rhythms. Layered with rich group workshops, transformative one-on-one therapies, and luxurious plant-based food, the Chaya experience feels healing, meaningful, and truly abundant. Everything is delivered with Lucy’s heartwarming natural ease and infectious love for life, which gives her retreats their especially joyful character. You’ll leave feeling inspired on your path, committed to looking after your health, and wanting to go back every year!" Kasia Maciejowska

"The Chaya retreat was a life saver. The 10 days rebooted my life. The space it gave my mind to rest and recharge, the reinvigoration from the yoga to energise my body and the warmth and kindness of the teachers was just the cotton wool I needed to be wrapped in. A wonderful place to be." Victoria Saunders

"If you're looking for an innovative retreat that encompasses nutrition, wellbeing and doesn’t shy away from spiritual concepts and practices, found in the ancient arts, that offer rejuvenation, relaxation and self healing, then this is the retreat for you. The action just keeps on coming but it’s very relaxed and up to you whether you want to take part. There are no raised expectations, you are free to explore at your own pace, in your own time. There was definitely something for everyone. I went thinking it was just about spending time with friends and like minded people, only to come back blown away by how powerful this retreat truly was, on so many levels. It brought about a total recalibration of self and really created a massive shift in my life, which has left me feeling lighter and more engaged in the world around me, with a greater sense of self. I realise life is about constant learning and my diet and nutrition got a kickstart as well. My heart came back singing and has remained open ever since. I absolutely loved it. A truly cosmic experience and not one to be missed. 

The hosts and teachers were excellent. Top of their game, at the forefront of well being. It fair to say, that this retreat was a life changer for me  and I am still learning a lot since I got home.  Head deep in books and online webinars.  You turned my world upside down!" Kath Baillee

"I would return to ALL of Chaya's Yoga Retreats if it was possible, I guarantee you will 100% love every single second, it was a life changing 10 days for me, in so many ways" Lisa Cuerden

"Lucy puts her heart and soul into her Retreat. She lives and breathes it with you. It's lovely to feel such buy-in from the organiser and I don't doubt she would have done anything within her power to shift, move, change things if you asked, to ensure the experience was the best it could possibly be." Leonie Boyle

"Absolutely AMAZING retreat. Lucy is a fantastic host, who thought of everything. A wonderful relaxing 10 days in India." Anna Smale

"If I was to design a retreat then this would be it. The support, the wisdom, the yoga, the luxury, the sunshine, the food, the love - nourishment of the absolute highest kind on all levels. It would be a crime if Chaya host Lucy wasn't doing work like this! She is so gifted in creating a safe, loving and supportive space to allow you to really connect with yourself and what can often be deeply challenging things that you've got on your plate.  I came on this retreat in a right old muddle about all sorts of different bits and pieces and left feeling so deeply refreshed and revived on both a mental and physical level. This retreat gave me my first taste of what it's like to be truly and authentically me. What a gift to help me find and feel that?! I will be eternally grateful to Lucy and her team for this experience and if your'e still debating on whether to go or not - just book it. If it's anything like my experience, it will actually be one of  the best decisions you ever make." Emily Chiswell

"This retreat is up there with one of the best holidays I’ve ever had, the organisation was exceptional, food was some of the best I’ve eaten, yoga was sublime and the staff and fellow yogis were all brilliant people.  I felt completely looked after and nurtured at all times.  The variety of activities was a perfect level of optional balanced with daily yoga and beach time.  I have come back to work feeling a million dollars – balanced, calm, healthy & glowing!  I cannot wait to do another Chaya Yoga retreat this year." Nicola Rose

"I can honestly say from deep within my heart I have truly had the best and most special 10 days that I can remember for quite some time; hosted by raw foodie goddess Lucy Hill at Chaya Yoga Retreats in the stunning eco boutique Kaju Varo surrounded by sweet nature and colourful wildlife! Waking up to birdsong every morning and welcoming the day in with a sunrise yoga practice guided by no other than the beautiful and wise Chloë Park; tucking into a nourishing breakfast with the group whilst talking about our plans for the day. Lazy days on the beach sipping coconuts, sunset yoga and shopping in the markets seeking out treasures to take back home. Not forgetting a trip to Mapusa to meet Ramakrishna for my personalised perfume and some kind words of wisdom; soaking up the atmosphere over a lemon lassi in a corner cafe and sharing a thali with new friends are memories not to be forgotten. I feel wonderfully relaxed, revived, awakened and full of love and light, thank you Goa and thank you all for being a part of that. I can honestly say that I have returned from my beautiful retreat the happiest and healthiest version of myself I have felt in a very long time. Thank you Chaya Yoga Retreats for making that possible." Lydia Hunt

"The incredible combination of nourishment on every level, the space, beauty, letting go, luxury and lols = the perfect retreat" Prerna Saraff

"We wanted to send you the most enormous loving thanks for your non-stop incredible vibes, generosity and nourishment for our time at Chaya. Literally within hours our pulses had slowed down to the level of a student monk, and as we know that's the level I like functioning at ;-) Your thoughtful (and educational!) menu was out of this world delicious and I'm still dreaming of our lazy brunch hours after yoga. Totally loved the nut mylk and fermenting workshop- you're an absolute natural presenter and it was fascinating to not only learn so much but also to witness the incredible difference of our own guts being able to eat like that for a sustained period of time. Whole Foods has been stripped bare and we've been attempting all sorts of juices, mylks and buddha bowls; we are well and truly inspired! We couldn't have wished for a more wise and grounding yoga teacher to welcome us into each day, so much love for that mighty warrior mama! (And her little fam!) Safe to say she's made even the toughest crowd (William) into a true convert and he even admitted to working on his own self practise without me. ;-) We've come back to London with a glowing heart, healthier gut and steadier feet; fully equipped to battle out the rest of the UK winter. Literally not a better way to start off the new year. FULL OF LOVE & LIGHT." Rebecca and Will Sicardi Hatcher

"When booking this Chaya yoga retreat in Goa, I wanted to use the experience to kick start me off on a healthy new path and inspire me to change the unhealthy lifestyle I was currently living. I had no idea when I booked exactly how emotional this experience would me and how much I would take from it. Spending time with, and get to know, an amazing group of people in such a relaxed, peaceful and loving environment was a life changing experience for me. The beautiful venue, the fresh yummy food, the yoga, and most of all, the inspirational people I had the pleasure to meet all meant so much. I’ve come away from this experience mentally stronger and so much more comfortable in my own skin, and I owe the Chaya team a huge THANK YOU for that. Especially Lucy who was brilliant the whole way through.. from booking to our final goodbyes at the end. She was there looking after us every step of the way and I feel richer to have had her touch my life, if only for this brief moment. It is an experience I will carry with me for the rest of my life, and I hope to have the opportunity to join another Chaya retreat in the future." Claire Petrou